BLUESKY STUDIOS and animation

Netscooling will review on bluesky and animation studio. Production house is very productive in the delivery of quality animation.  Blue Sky Studios is an American CGI-animation studio which specializes in high-resolution, computer-generated character animation and rendering. It is owned by 20th Century Fox and located in Greenwich, Connecticut. In addition to their feature-length animated films, including the Ice Age series, Robots (2005),
Horton Hears a Who! (2008), and Rio (2011), Blue Sky has worked on many high-profile films, primarily in the integration of live-action with computer-generated animation.
Type : Subsidiary of 20th Century Fox
Industry : CGI, animation, Motion pictures
Founded : February 1987
Founder(s) : Chris Wedge, V. Gopalakrishnan
Headquarters : Greenwich, Connecticut, USA
Key people : Carlos Saldanha, Chris Wedge
Products : CGI, animated, films
Owner(s) : News Corporation
Parent 20th Century Fox
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