Aksi didi tikus

This time netscooling.blogspot.com will try to review the animation filmed Indonesian people. The animation is the "adventure didi the rat" or "Aksi Didi si Tikus". Can be called, "Adventures of Rat Didi" became the first television series model that uses the character who worked with 3D computer animation techniques. Not only that, film for families and children are also blends live action through genuine human characters with 3D animated characters.

Adventure Didi Rat "tells about the friendship between a mouse named Didi and ten-year-old boy named Didin. A friendship" odd "that originated from an accidental event. Thanks to forget the time because it was too busy playing marbles, Didin punishment from his parents . Including when Didin be serving a sentence for a week should not be playing marbles and are required to clean up kitchen equipment that has been unused.In order to play marbles back, Didin was racked his brains. And he had an idea, swapping equipment with marbles in his mother's kitchen Junkman. Apparently, the box of marbles Didin received from the Junkman does not contain the marbles, but mice doll. Didin feel sad and disappointed because he can not play marbles. Didin even feel ashamed that laughed at by Dion and his friends.However, when at home, Didin was surprised when he saw the doll he got from mice Junkman was able to speak like humans. Didin punkemudian friendly rat who introduced himself as Didi, who was not only funny, but also knowingly. Didi friendship with rats making Didin not forget the sad and marbles.Only, the Didi mice, with the pretentious nature of him, often bring problems to Didin, including while playing Didin's slingshot. With pride. Didi mice slingshot skilful players call themselves, but due to his actions played a slingshot, Didin jendelarumah glass shattered. However, for the sake of friendship with the rat, Didin not unlock the secrets act Didi. Besides, even if he spoke what it is, who wants to believe there are mice that can play slingshot.At school, Didin not focus on the lesson. His heart can not wait to play with Didi mice. Meanwhile, when Didin school, accidentally mother Didin clean tin box which is used as a home for Didi rat and the box was removed from the home. When I got home, Didin had to lose his best friend Didi mice. Didin panicked and kept trying to find the rat. From there the adventure Didi rats outdoors began.
curious about this animation?
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