The first animated cartoon character.

Walter Disney, in 1901 created the first animated cartoon character. We all know him. Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Walter Elias Disney or Walt Disney is popular as a film producer, director, animator, and the voice of the United States. Together kandungya brother, Roy Oliver Disney, Walt founded The Walt Disney Company and now famous for its various film and playground, such as Disneyland and Disney Resort Paris.
Walt Disney was looking for a funny, interesting, and not disgusting. Mickey Mouse, mouse cartoon character created like that. At a time when Walt teenager went to his uncle's house to visit, and a walk to look for something in his uncle's farm, there is found a lot of the rats that roam in the surrounding fields. Seeing the number of rats, a time inspired by the rats and the willingness to pour it into the form of cartoon imagination, then dicobalah sketching cartoon mice derived from the objects he sees.
Mickey Mouse is the forerunner of the first animated cartoon ever made. Beginning, the shape of Mickey's still simple. With some traits that manipulated mice ranging from spherical shape of the ear is made. Form which made big eyes almost as big as his face, and a thin body shape attributes plus shorts are made simple making it easier for the production process.

And Mickey Mouse, making his debut on the silver screen in a film titled "Steamboat Willie" on November 18, 1929. Until Mickey Mouse's birthday recorded on November 19. Mickey Mouse, created by Walt Disney, soon became a huge success and has appeared in more than 100 films. Walt Disney said, a little mouse that has helped create value bilyaran dollar entertainment complex located in various parts of the world.

Donald Duck is also another story. Donald first appeared on June 9, 1934 in the cartoon "The Wise Little Hen". However, according to the cartoon Donald's Happy Birthday, Donald birthday falls on March 13. Donal made by Walt Disney when he heard Clarence Nash as he recounted his duck voice saying "Mary had a little lamb".
In 1936, Donald began starring in his own cartoons, which first cartoon on January 9, 1937 was Don Donald. This story also introduces boyfriend Donald, Daisy Duck also called Donna Duck. Nephews Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, appeared on 15 April 1938 in the film Donald's nephews, directed by Jack King.
Donald Duck also seems to be a mascot for the United States Air Force, loh! He appeared as a mascot in Fighting Squadron-309 to the Army Air Corps and the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary that shows Donald as pirates are ready to defend the coast of the United States from the attackers. In 1984, during the celebration of 50th anniversary

Donal, Donal raised a U.S. Army sergeant because of his films during World War II. The ceremony for the appointment of Donal same as other military ceremonies, with Donald wearing a military uniform and receive a certificate and badge sergeant, after which he hugged Daisy Duck in the fun.


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